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This page is dedicated to testimonials from ostomates, their families, carers and other organizations with whom Second Chance have supported for a varienty of reasons.

"Just before my operation was due to take place, I receieved a care package from Jackie, the founder of Second Chance Ostomy Yorkshire. This came as a beautiful local made tote bag. The bag was full of wonderful goodies! Leaflets from suppliers which I am sure will come in useful once I have my surgery. There were wipes and spray samples, pens (which will be useful when in hospital) a water bottle and water. A Reminder wee all need to drink more water especially those of us with ostomy's.

Jackie knows I like to draw and she had put a lovely pack of pencils in there, a sharpener and a sketch pad. which might be handy in hospital to help keep me occupied.

The bag was a lovely surprise in a moment of pre-op panic, it was helpful in so many way and individualised to me.

Jackie thankyou so much, it was a great help to me and I wish you and the charity so much luck."



Thankyou so much for dropping off the bag of information and all those goodies and card, very kind and much appreciated. Would love to get involved so if there is anything I can dial into etc please let me know. I may also be able to help if you need it move things forward work wise.



I have known Jackie for over three years now and have seen a remarkable difference in her presence from the first time I met her.

Jackie by her own admission has suffered over the years in accepting her stoma, this was compounded with self-esteem issues and confidence in her ability to manage independently with stoma care.

She became involved with self-help groups which led to her forming her own community organization. Jackie has worked tirelessly for this community organization and has supported many stoma patients, she is currently running support groups face to face and online, as well as supporting individuals through various social media groups.

Jackie is also keen to raise the profile of individuals living with a stoma and offers training sessions to care homes and schools educating people on life as with a stoma.

It has been my pleasure to watch Jackie’s journey and see her progress into an amazing individual who is so passionate in helping others. She is a true ambassador for ostomates, and I feel blessed to have seen her blossom into the confident person she is today. Tracey L

Many thanks for setting up the support group, it means a great deal to many people. Your hard work is very much appreciated. 
Sheila and David

Thank you for setting up the support group it has been lovely meeting people who know what it is like to live with a stoma Liz

Amazing and Inspirational

Jackie, your work on behalf of #stomabuds everywhere is incredible. Thank you for using your personal experience to help others. Carol in the States.

Thank you 

Thank you so much for inviting me to the meeting enjoyed it very much . The mindfulness was lovely

You are a very brave and lovely woman for setting up the group and trying to help others .

You also have lovely friends too .

Hope to meet up again with everyone


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