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Our Projects 

This is our Project Page. It's a great opportunity to help visitors understand the work that we do at Second Chance Ostomy, we do many things and if you are interested in getting involved contact and leave you're details.

We also go out and give training on how to look after a stoma for those who work within the care sector, GP's Surgery's and anyone who is interested in learning what a stoma is and how to take care of one from the point of view of someone who lives with on.
We also go out into schools, collages, businesses and do talks about stomas and how to make life a little more accessible for those who live with one.

Support Groups

We run two monthly support groups, a face-to-face which is open to anyone within Selby district and those who live in North Yorkshire. An online support group which is open to anyone no matter where you live and is via zoom.

One-to-One Support 

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We do one-to-one support for anyone who has or is waiting for a stoma, their families, friends and carers, because having a stoma affects those who are having them but also the whole family.

Raising Awareness amd Breaking the stigma of living with a stoma.

I am very passionate about raising awareness and breaking the stigma of living with a stoma, when I first got mine there was no one there to support me and it can be very isolating and lonely. This is why I do what I do with in Second Chance Ostomy.

Continence and Menopause

I am working on this project with Healthwatch North Yorkshire, Selby District AVS, Everyday Enable and a few others to make it more acceptable to talk about incontinence (wee and poo) because it is estimated that around 14 million people in the UK suffer with incontinence and around 6.5 million people in the Uk suffer with bowel incontinence. Which is why I am working on this project.

Shaping the future of menopause support, Please share your thoughts, I am hoping to start a monthly menopause drop in - in the new year

Menopause Flyer.png

Stoma and Awareness Open Day.

On July 30th this year we had our very first stoma and awareness open day, which was held at Brayton Community Centre and was a great success, we had reps from many of the companies that provide stoma equipment and also lots of other organizations, from the Energy Doctor, Selby District AVS, Citizens Advice and many more. I am looking at doing another one in 2024.

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